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About Us

Biz The World is a new project created in 2013 and led by João Matos, a professional with long tracked record of leadership and business development in global technology sector.

Biz The World is a group of professionals from around the world, with over 15 years of experience in developing international markets, whom have decided to work together collaboratively to develop business projects beyond their original frontiers.

Since time of arriving at the market is a key factor, organizations cannot afford to get the wrong model of internationalization. Therefore, Biz The World is created with a design to provide much needed responses and enable organizations to approach international projects within technology and business environment along with introducing their products overseas, during the time of undertaking commercial business operations outside of their own standard sphere.

Dynamic and cooperative Internationalization

Biz The World has an international team who is vigorously involved in characterizing this exciting project in the global market of development technology products, and especially in two vital moments: at the commence of its activity and at its launching to the global market.

With our partners, Biz The World customers contract a highly technical, developed commercial and networking experience of over 15 years in local markets of each country.

The difference between us and other internationalization services in the market both (private and public) is our dynamic and cooperative involvement in projects. We design customized strategic plan for internationalization, and our experienced professional leaders are the responsible to perform and develop it successfully to the local market of each country, ensuring its development with a comprehensive monitoring of the operation.

In the first few months of activity, Biz The World has addressed and is developing international business expansion for several companies with recognized outstanding technology solutions, and with a great potential in domestic and international markets.

With our remarkable geographic expansion project that was launched in June 2013, we are already present in 8 countries; and we will meet our target of achieving commercial and technical presence in over 10 other countries.




João Matos

Moment: In the technology global market we are at a crucial moment in time.


Cloud technologies are proven reliable, secure, ubiquitous, and accessible, the cost of ownership is admittedly lower than other traditional solutions, and there is a dedicated expertise channel on how to market the value added services and not just the products.

On daily basis, there are increasingly more cloud-based services projects across the globe then any time before, there are also new market sectors with technological application in potential market which worth hundreds millions of dollars. All this in an ever wider open channel with experience in taking on new innovative projects in many cases, which means its development will depend more on the performance ability of local teams in each country.

In terms of boundaries and accessibility, these markets are very attractive on their own to all customers, but only if we are able to convey the value of the service to a number of important customers.

Not long after when we achieve our targets, the market becomes very competitive, so in this new competitive environment, we must respond swiftly to every move and adjust to a daily changing reality.

If on the contrary, we happen to be unable to convey the benefits of our product and consequently the market does not respond, the potential would be lost and what is about to be our dream becomes … nonentity.

Experience, ability, rapid and efficient performance at global level in different objective countries is as important as the technological development vision itself.

Biz The World is the project management companion that helps transform possibilities, targets and hopes into reality.