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Biz The World is your project Support, Marketing, and International Sales Department.

We specialize in putting into operation structures, sales processes, marketing strategies and we support teams at local level in number of countries.

With Biz The World’s international structure, we could expand your commercial capacity from the first moment you hire our services.
Biz The World offers its customers a proven, highly relevant and professional structure; to help them decide their next step forward, then accomplish them to achieve their objectives.

We can largely reach all technology markets, regardless of the technological model, the sales channel chosen, the type of customer and characteristics of the sales series.


Wide open coverage


Our value-added business development services are tailored to adapt the real business process of our customers.



Customized strategic plan for Internationalization

What are your business ambitions? Growth? Reaching a certain level of sales? Maximize Your Profits? To what levels?

Trade expansion is a tool to achieve an ultimate target. Regarding which, and depending on resources and availability we choose the best way to achieve it.

From formation of the international trade expansion, with its basic choice of the expansion model, until the creation of its commercial tracking method, Biz The World prepares structure and processes so your company can grow internationally.

This initial consulting process is the foundation for a successful international expansion and also allows us to plan the actions needed to achieve the objectives and maximizing the current efficiencies.


Start up and Implementation of Operations

After setting up the method and approach that need to be performed, the big difference of Biz The World in relation to the services available in the market is our commitment and dedication in the project after designing it.

We apply entry level strategy to trading force and its processes, channel creation, product launches and customer service.


The Operation Development and its Comprehensive Monitoring

To apply a planned operation is very important, but to maintain and lead the sales force to achieve a leadership position in the country is a key issue and difficult task.

We strongly believe that real results are only achieved when our customers achieve their real main target, that’s why our commitment does not end with a simple application of the operation, so as our expectation, the plan we design has an ultimate objective, and it is only that what we will accomplish.

We take your project to a good destination, leading local structures, ensuring the good performance of the sales team, maintaining customer services, delivering responsibilities efficiently and ensuring the good image of the brand.

We believe that your target is not only the International Expansion, but is also a mean to reach the real targets. Biz The World understands this and works with you until you achieve your real targets!


Why carry out an expansion with Biz The World?

r We shorten the time of the expansion process.

v We do this in a structured and profitable way from the start.

m We are committed with your project from the beginning until you are absolutely set.

t We provide one important level networking and customer channels, only possible thanks to the experienced team of Biz The World.

m We are committed in every decision and every move. For each step we walk and move together.